A Healthy and Productive Generation free from HIV.


To inspire and empower Kenyan youth to live healthy and productive lives  through evidence interventions and partnership.

Core Values

HFG upholds the following core values and guiding principles which define how it pursues its mandate, strategic intent and relates with its beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders.

Accountability – Conscious of value for money and people, we take responsibility for our actions and every resource for the benefit of our beneficiaries.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest level of honesty, moral and ethical uprightness and probity.

Inclusivity – We reaffirm our commitment to respect and value diverse life challenges and creates an environment that is inclusive of all.

Compassion – Deeply aware and genuinely concerned about people’s needs, we treat all those we serve with empathy and kindness.

Teamwork – We strive to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork where every person is a valued member, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and recognized and rewarded for his/her efforts.

Partnership – We relate to our clients as partners and develop strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect.