Empowering Communities: The Story of Gladys Chebwogen, a Paralegal Fighting for Justice

In the heart of Nakuru County, Kenya, there is a shining beacon of hope for those who have experienced abuse and injustice. Meet Gladys Chebwogen, a dedicated and trained paralegal working tirelessly at the Partnership for a HIV Free Generation (HFG). Her mission is to empower the community by sensitizing its members about their rights and providing support to those who have endured Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). Through legal clinics, community dialogues, and a dedicated hotline, Gladys and her team are making a significant impact, one case at a time.

Trained Paralegal, HFG

Gladys Chebwogen

Taking a Stand Against Abuse: HFG’s Efforts

The Partnership for a HIV Free Generation (HFG) operates in Nakuru North, Njoro, Molo, Kuresoi North, and Kuresoi South Sub-Counties, diligently striving to create a society free from HIV and its associated challenges. Gladys Chebwogen is one of the three paralegals on the organization’s team of dedicated professionals. As paralegals, their primary objective is to educate the community about their rights and provide support to victims of abuse. Gladys and her team play a crucial role in helping individuals who have experienced abuse by enabling them to report their cases and seek help. The process doesn’t stop there; they also collaborate with a pro bono lawyer who ensures that cases requiring legal intervention receive the necessary support.

Identifying Cases and Providing Support

HFG employs various methods to identify cases of abuse within the community. Legal clinics are held to engage with individuals who may require assistance, and community dialogues serve as a platform to raise awareness about different forms of abuse and available support.

Equipping the community with knowledge is another essential aspect of HFG’s work. They conduct “know your rights” sensitization campaigns to empower individuals to recognize their rights and take a stand against any form of abuse. Additionally, HFG has established a robust referral network to ensure that victims receive the appropriate assistance and care.

The Hotline: A Lifeline for Victims

To further extend their reach and provide immediate help to those in distress, HFG has set up a dedicated hotline. Victims of abuse can call the hotline number (0717 427 299) and speak with a caring and understanding team that is ready to listen, support, and take appropriate action. Gladys and her fellow paralegals have witnessed the hotline’s impact firsthand, as it has helped them identify and respond to cases promptly.

HFG Gender-Based Violence Hotline: 0717 427 299

Fighting for Justice: A Track Record of Success

Gladys Chebwogen and her team at HFG have already made significant strides in their pursuit of justice. Through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), they have successfully resolved three cases, bringing relief and closure to the affected individuals. Additionally, they are currently overseeing two court cases of defilement, where the pro bono lawyer is working diligently to ensure justice is served.

Call to Action: Empowering Our Communities 

In a world where abuse and injustice persist, the work of Gladys Chebwogen and the HFG team serves as an inspiration. Empowering communities and educating individuals about their rights can create a safer and more just society for all. Let us support organizations like HFG, amplify their voices, and encourage open conversations about abuse and its prevention. Together, we can build a future where every individual feels empowered to speak out against abuse and reclaim their right to live with dignity and respect.

If you or someone you know needs help or support, don’t hesitate to reach out to the HFG hotline at 0717 427 299. Remember, knowing our rights is the first step towards creating a society free from abuse, and we all play a vital role in making this a reality. Stand with Gladys and her team in their fight for justice, and let’s build a safer and more inclusive world together.


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